Monday, November 12, 2012


Our conference dinner will be held on Thursday (November 22), at 8:30 pm.

The dinner is a ticketed event, with a cost of 20€, and it includes starters, main course, dessert, beverages, as well as a jazz concert (the full menu will be listed below).

If you are interested in attending, please confirm your presence via e-mail before November 18, specifying which option you prefer (fish, meat, or vegetarian).

Payment will be made upon arrival at our registration desk, on the first day of the conference (November 22).

The dinner will be held at "Salão Brazil"; for more information on the location, please check the following link:

Here is the full menu for the dinner:

Seasoned olives and paste (to be defined)
Creamy carrot soup with spinach

Main Courses:
Fish: Creamy salted codfish Portuguese style
Meat: Roasted turkey with creamy potatoes and vegetables

Caramel Pudding

Red and white wine Messias Selection, juice, coke, water or beer.


If you have any questions regarding any item on the menu, please contact us via our e-mail address at Thank you very much!